12 September 2022
The benefits of renovating your home in the Laurentides

The benefits of renovating your home in the Laurentides

There are many good reasons to justify the decision of improving your home.

It could simply be a matter of personal taste, or maybe a strategic decision to align your environment to your lifestyle. Either way, there are several valuable arguments as to why you should not be afraid to take on this kind of project but instead, view it as an opportunity!

Improve your quality of life by improving your environment

The relationship between personal environment and wellbeing has been established for quite some time. It is possible to foster a better quality of life by designing a home for your own taste and by adapting it to your needs. Through small or big home improvements, you contribute to your wellbeing on a daily basis and upgrade your general comfort considerably, no matter the type of renovations you wish to take on.

A better work-life balance

Since the pandemic, remote work has become an opportunity that many employees and entrepreneurs have been considering to promote a balanced lifestyle. When you choose to work from home, it is key to consider setting up a designated space for your professional activities. By renovating a room into an office, you’re guaranteed to foster a better balance between personal and professional matters and create a suitable space to stimulate productivity, without leaving the house!

Benefit from the housing boom in the Laurentides 

Since 2020, the Laurentides region has been going through a housing boom, a real increase in demand while the amount of properties for sale remains limited. Several local towns experienced a dramatic increase in sale’s transactions in 2020, up to 76% in Saint-Sauveur, 117% in Saint-Adèle and 99% in Saint-Agathe. This presents an amazing opportunity, and makes renovating your home in the Laurentides a wise investment.

No matter your decision, from a full house renovation to improving a few rooms, contact our team at Construction F. Masella for all your home improvement projects in the Laurentides !